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Book Giallo & Thrilling all italiana 1931 - 1983
 Giallo & Thrilling all'italiana 1931 - 1983
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Label: Glittering  (Italy)
Status: New
Author(s): Antonio Bruschini, Stefano Piselli
Format: 24 x 31 cm
Pages: 112
Cover: Soft Cover
Synopsis: Italian and English text.
Article description: Sadistic black-dressed maniacs, naked women for the assassin, the extravagant aesthetics of murder, titles worthly of a bestiary of fantastique, all this and more characterize the Italian-styled thrillers and giallos. From the most prestigious authors to the more obscure and rare films. The most complete illustrated filmography on the genre, more than 300 titles with relative index and notes. Moreover, a detailed bibliography and discography make this reference book a veritable "must" for the fan.
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