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Here you'll find a lot of useful information that will help you to better understand who we are, how to surf our website and how to buy our product. The navigation of our site is completely free.

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KULTVIDEO specializes in  Exploitation, Arthouse, Obscure,Sexy and Cult DVD releases.

KULTVIDEO is the first Italian mail order to specialize in cult cinema, with unparalleled experience). Kultvideo sell DVDs, Blu-ray, VHS, Books, Magazines, Manifestos and posters,

and a lot else associated with cult cinema and it's many guises: from sex  to horror with a particular focus on those from the 70s and 80s, made in Italy and the rest the world.

Our product is sourced from around the world and we cater for clients from just as far and wide too.


Legal center : KULTVIDEO - Via Verga 14- 20027 Rescaldina ( MI ) - ITALY
VAT NUMBER : IT 13355250153


e-mail:  (Preferred)

By fax to: ++39 331 440017

Via letter to: KULTVIDEO – Via Verga 14- 20027 Rescaldina ( MI ) – ITALY

We remind you that we don not have a store that is open to the public and only sell only via correspondence.

You are reminded that the client must be of age and must declare to be of age during the order process. Kultvdeo is in no way responsible if the client's declaration of age is falsified.


HOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT: In order to make purchases on the site you must create a user account. It is simple and free.

Go to the panel in “My Kultvideo” and click on 'TO REGISTER' ( Fill out the form with the requested data (personal data, shipment data etc). Once you have submitted this information, an identification e-mail and a password will be sent to you. Confirming the registration, you automatically create your account. Access is granted thereafter by simply entering your username (your email account) and password.

Having an account gives allows you to access your previous orders, enables you to check the status of the running order and provides the  shipment codes to trace your packages.


 You can order through:

1) The website basket

 2) e-mail

 3)  Fax

 4) Via letter

All orders are shipped within 48-72 hours unless we inform you otherwise.

Orders are shipped via registered mail. We are not responsible for packages that are held up in customs in the foreign countries outside CEE .The buyer assumes all risk with regard to their own country's customs department.

WISHLIST: Is simple and works like this: Any articles out of stock and out production ( for example the VHS, the magazines d'epoch, the cinema poster etc) that you see on the site and are not available they can be added to the special cart called WISHLIST, so that if and when that article becomes available, you will be alerted via message through your 'My Cinesexymania' panel. Considering that it could take quite a long time before an unavailable item becomes available again, you are free to manage your wishlist through the control panel and are able to remove titles if you so wish.


* Credit Card ( Visa and master Card )

*  Paypal ( we will send you Paypal request )

 *Bank transfer – by direct payment from your bank


* Other ( ask for information to )


Shipping rates are based by weight and destination country.  The shipping costs will be calculated during the checkout process. 

These are the approximate shipping costs for foreign countries:


-         Up to 250 gr  ( 1 DVD ) - 14,50 €

            Up to 350 gr. (Approx. 2 DVDs)  16,00  €

-        Up to 1 kg (Approx. 6 DVDs)  21,90  €

-          Up to 2 kg (Approx. 12 DVDs)  32,00  €

-          Up to 2 kg  - Please ask


 Up to 250 gr ( 1 DVD ) 18,90 €

-          Up to 350 gr. (Approx. 2 DVDs) 21,50 €

-          Up to 1 kg (Approx. 6 DVDs) 30,50 €

-          Up to 2 kg (Approx. 12 DVDs) 45,50 €

-          Up to 2 kg – Please ask

For other countries please ask us.


- AUTHENTICITY: All the products sold by Kultvideo are original manufacturer-produced items. Sometimes it happens that DVDs are not sealed with cellophane due to some manufacturing (mostly those sourced from foreign countries) houses send them out to retailers this way. This doesn't mean that the product is used. Used items are described as such specifically in the detail on the product page.


Any item that is still sealed can be returned for a full refund (shipping costs will be refund only if it’s a KULTVIDEO order mistake but NOT for defected DVDs).  Any opened item can only be returned if the item is tested and proved to be defective.  All returns can be initiated by emailing to Kultvideo within 30 days of initial delivery of the item.  Please reference the order number and the item(s) that are to be returned.

The arrangements will be given by Kultvideo via e-mail or fax. Kultvideo doesn’t accept returned DVDs down to region incompatibility – the buyer must ensure that their player is capable of playing any disc BEFORE ordering. We also do not refund or exchange any USED purchases (including VHS, books, posters, magazines), as any sold as such as tested before they are sold by us; any defects are already highlighted in the product details.

Technical specifications: Product technical specifications (running time, ratio, audio, etc) are directly extrapolated from the covers of the DVDs or from the technical data supplied to us from the manufacturing houses. Kultvideo is not responsible for possible erroneous detail in the technical specifications detail of a product page. Also, covers and artwork in general are sometimes subject to some variations: the images are inserted, where possible, directly through site, wrapper or promotional material of the manufacturing firm. Nevertheless sometimes it happens that the various manufacturing firms change images for re-issues, so the buyer must be aware that artwork is subject to change and C or other proper motivations and therefore who purchases must be aware that the artwork can be different. Kultvideo is not responsible for any differences between the artwork displayed on are site and that found on the merchandise that we send out.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The Kultvideo site is restricted to people of legal age. Any person viewing the films purchased from Kultvideo must be of age and in good standing with the laws enforced in their country.

NEWSLETTER: subscribing to the newsletter (just enter your email address) will allow you to be regularly informed on all our news, initiatives and promotions.

UPDATE: The site is updated DAILY with the addition of new products. New products won't always appear on the home page, to get a complete view of all new additions we suggest you browse the other sections and checking the LAST UPDATES section.

SEARCH PRODUCTS: Since there are thousands of products in the catalogue it is not always as easy to find what you are looking for. We have tried to make life easier by splitting the articles by type of product and genre, creating so many sub-sections to make a more efficient search. Under CATALOG you will find alll the films on site by alphabetical letter. However there is also an internal search engine that will allow you to do a more in-depth search by title, cast, or director. You can also do searches by distributing company (or label) which appear in alphabetical order). For Hardcore you can also search by special strength.

PRODUCT: The product pages of the retail products come with gallery of screen shots that have been taken directly from the DVD or VHS. This is a rather laborious process, so it is constantly updated; if there's not a gallery of images for a particular title at the moment, it is possible that it will appear in future. We do aim to make this service a lot more comprehensive.

STARS & STARLETTE SECTION: For us it’s something unique in the vast panorama of online selling sites; a section where you can read valuable information, biographical notes and complete filmographies of the actors who appear in the films and glaze your eyes with special photo galleries. We have deliberately included not only the big stars. We have divided erotic movie stars from the hardcore movie stars for convenience and because we think it’s not right to mix the likes of Laura Antonelli and Edwige Fenech with Jessica Rizzo and Belladonna! Some names will appear instead in both sections as contributors to both genres. This is also a section in continuous development and is subject to updates on a weekly basis.

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