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DVD Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens
 Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens
Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens
USA (1979) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Softcore
Directed by: Russ Meyer
Cast: Kitten Natividad
23.90 €
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Label: Arrow  (UK)
Status: New
Area: 0 ( All Regions )
Standard: PAL
Ratio: 4/3 - 1.33:1
Audio: English (2.0)
Duration: 93
Rating: 18
Discs: 1
Case: Amaray
Russ Meyer commentary
Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens  -  Film synopsis: Junkyard worker Lamar (Ken Kerr) is having a strange marital problem__there's only one thing that can turn him on, and it's rather uncomfortable for his wife, Lavonia (Kitten Natividad). There is a chance that effeminate dentist/marriage counselor Asa Lavender (Robert Pearson) can help him, but it seems that he likes Lamar just the way he is. If Lamar doesn't get help soon, though, Lavonia may go through every man in town to get her own satisfaction. Luckily, buxom radio evangelist Eufaula Roop (Ann Marie) may be able to help Lamar before it's too late...

Article description: From the minds of Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert… An all out assault on today's sexual mores, and more… an end-around attack against women's lib… blasting through the male machismo syndrome… kicking the crap out of convictions, hang-ups, obsessions… the whole bag… sexually aggressive females, willing clutzy men, petroleum jelly, gingham and gossamer, tax-sheltered religion, black socks, bedroom prowess, bunko artists, big breast fixation, rear window rednecks, therapeutic cuckolding, the sixty mile-an-hour zinger, born again immersion, unfaithful girlfriends, limp-wristed denistry, and virile garbage men.
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