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DVD Storia di una monaca di clausura
 Storia di una monaca di clausura
Storia di una monaca di clausura
Italy (1973) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Nunsploitation
Directed by: Domenico Paolella
Cast: Eleonora Giorgi, Catherine Spaak, Paola Senatore
9.90 €
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Label: Cecchi Gori  (Italy)
Status: New
Area: 2
Standard: PAL
Ratio: 16/9 - 1.85:1
Audio: Italian (2.0)
Subtitles: Italian
Duration: 96
Discs: 1
Case: Amaray
Storia di una monaca di clausura -  Film synopsis: A woman who was promised to a powerful family's son at birth falls in love with another man, refuses to renounce him, and is sent to a nunnery by her shocked parents. Once there, she first undergoes degradation to acclimatize her to convent life, then she experiences rampant lesbianism by the repressed nuns, and becomes pregnant by her lover.

Article description: Classic Italian nunsploitation !
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