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DVD Tinto Brass Box
 Tinto Brass Box
Io, Caligola
Italy (1979) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Softcore
Directed by: Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione
Cast: Malcom McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy
La chiave
Italy (1983) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Softcore
Directed by: Tinto Brass
Cast: Stefani Sandrelli, Barbara Cupisti
Italy (1985) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Softcore
Directed by: Tinto Brass
Cast: Serena Grandi, Andrea Occhipinti, Franco Interlenghi, Andy J. Forest, Franco Branciaroli, Malisa Longo
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Label: Raro Video  (Italy)
Status: New
Area: 2
Standard: PAL
Ratio: 16/9 - 1.66:1
Audio: Italian (2.0)
Duration: 332
Rating: 18
Discs: 3
Case: Special Box
Interview with Tinto Brass
Censured scenes of " Caligula ".
Caligola -  Film synopsis: Pagan Rome, 37 A.D. Prince Gaius Germanicus "Caligula" (Latin term for 'Little Boots') (Malcolm McDowell) is summoned to Capri by the syphilis-stricken 77-year-old Roman Emperor Tiberius (Peter O'Toole), his adopted grandfather. His escort is Macro (Guido Mannari), commander of the Praetorian Guard. Macro seeks to curry favor with Caligula, who will be the next Emperor, by tempting him with the promise of sleeping with his wife Ennia (Adriana Asti).
Frightened, but sycophantically eager to fall in with any mood of the mercurial Tiberius, Caligula has his first glimpse of absolute power as the aged Emperor leads him from his cavernous swimming pool through his grotto of pleasures and freaks. There, the two become voyeurs as youths and maidens act out Tiberius' fantasies. Accompanying them is the noble, elderly Senator Nerva (John Gielgud), the only contemporary intimate of Tiberius who has survived the execution of several Senators, despite the fact, or perhaps because, he is the only one who dares openly to criticize and condemn Tiberius political actions.
A short while later, when Nerva chooses suicide over a natural death by slashing his wrists in a bath, Tiberius' seemingly ordered life is shaken, and his own death, hastened.
Caligula and Macro come to witness the end. They find the old Emperor partially paralyzed, lying alone in the state bedroom. Prematurely, Caligula tears off the signet ring, symbol of power. Tiberius rallies. When Caligula suddenly enters an epileptic trance, Macro insures Tiberius' death by smothering him. A frightened Gemellus (Bruno Brive), Tiberius' grandson by birth, witnesses the murder.
Caligula, the new Emperor, gains instant popularity by announcing a general amnesty. He accepts the highest office of the Republic, the Consulship, naming his half-witted uncle Claudius (Giancarlo Badessi), his fellow Consul and Gemellus as his son and heir.

La chiave -  Film synopsis: THE KEY, based on the Japanese novel of Junichiro Tanizaki is Tinto Brass' erotic masterpiece, regarded worldwide as one of the best erotic movies ever made. In the background of Mussolini's Italy, Nino and Teresa Rolf (Stefania Sandrelli) celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.
Nino, married to a much younger wife, realizes that jealousy stimulates him. When Nino discovers that Teresa is attracted to their daughter's fiancee, he does everything to encourage an affair. This all results in Teresa's sexual liberation, but has unfortunate results for Nino.

Miranda -  Film synopsis: MIRANDA is a beautiful woman who runs a local tavern. After the loss of her husband in WWII, she tries out a variety of men.
Over the course of four seasons she meets four men: in Winter the rich old council; in Spring there is the young chauffeur; in Summer the American G.I.; and in Autumn, the servant of the Tavern. Now she has to make a decision, who would be the best lover as well husband.

Article description: Box 3 dvds included 3 Brass' classics.
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