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DVD Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose
 Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose
Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose
Germany (1974) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Softcore
Directed by: Alois Brummer
Cast: Dorothea rau, Franz Muxeneder
15.90 €
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Label: WVG  (Germany)
Status: New
Area: 2
Standard: PAL
Ratio: 4/3 - 1.33:1
Audio: German (2.0)
Duration: 84
Rating: 14
Discs: 1
Case: Amaray
Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose -  Film synopsis: What happens when a bus with mostly female passengers is stranded in a small Bavarian village? Funny stuff, that's what! There are the ski instructors who only want to be seduced and dragged off into bed. There's Sepp, who believes he has discovered an oil-well. Or what about Principal Müller from Berlin, who becomes an accidental hero? Whatever happens, no-one ends up sleeping alone.
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