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Lobby Card Greta la donna bestia ( b )
 Greta la donna bestia ( b )
Greta la donna bestia
Ilsa the wicked warden
Switzerland (1976) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Women In Prison
Directed by: Jess Franco
Cast: Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay
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Status: Used
Condition: Good
Format: Lobby Card
Size: 48 x 68
Edition: 1977
Ilsa the wicked warden -  Film synopsis: Greta del Pino (Dyanne Thorne) is the sadistic warden of a female concentration camp thinly disguised as an asylum, somewhere in South America. This terrible place is the last destination of the undesirable elements in an obviously fascist state. Protected by the government, Greta is unassailable and has absolute power over the lives of her prisoners. A girl almost manages to escape, but at the last moment her pursuers catch her on the porch of the humanitarian Dr. Arcos, who is disturbed by the obvious indifference for the life of the young woman displayed by Greta and her henchmen. Dr. Arcos brings the case to a human rights organization, which can see no way of getting through the red-tape of protection and corruption. Aby Philips, the sister of the girl Arcos saw being abused, persuades him to smuggle her into the so-called asylum. She is determined to find her sister, even though it seems almost impossible.
After her arrival at the asylum, she endures humiliation at the hands of sadistic wardens and fellow inmates. There’s one obnoxious lesbian called Juana whom Greta likes to use as a human pin-cushion. Juana promises to tell Aby about the whereabouts of her sister. Unfortunately, Greta gets wind of this…

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