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DVD Graffiante Desiderio
 Graffiante Desiderio
Graffiante desiderio
Italy (1993) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Erotic Thriller
Directed by: Sergio Martino
Cast: Serena Grandi, Andrea Roncato, Vittoria Belvedere, Ron Nummi, Serena Bennato
6.50 €
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Label: Quinto Piano  (Italy)
Status: New
Area: 2
Standard: PAL
Ratio: 1,33:1 Anamorfico
Audio: Italian (1.0 Dolby Digital)
Duration: 102
Discs: 1
Case: Amaray
Graffiante desiderio -  Film synopsis: On a visit to Naples, Luigi (Ron Nummi) meets his young cousin Sonia (Vittoria Belvedere). No longer the gawky little girl he played with as a child, she has blossomed into an absolutely stunning, sensuous and provocative young woman. On his return home, Sonia turns up on his doorstep needing a place to stay.
Luigi invites her to live with him, much to the disgust of his fiancee Cinzia (Simona Borioni). From that moment Luigi's life is transformed from one of quiet, boring stability to insane passion as Luigi falls hopelessly in love with Sonia. He ends his engagement and immerses himself completely in a series of mind-boggling erotic adventures.
Luigi revels in his new found freedom at first, but when his boss's predatory wife (Serena Grandi) also begins to pursue him, the whole situation spirals out of control amidst overwhelming sadistic emotions. Sonia's true nature and the secrets of her past are revealed with tragic consequences.

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