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DVD Ilsa la belva del deserto
 Ilsa la belva del deserto
Ilsa la belva del deserto
Ilsa : harem keeper of the oil sheiks
USA (1976) - Color
Genre: Erotic, Women In Prison
Directed by: Don Edmonds
Cast: Dyanne Thorne
11.50 €
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Label: Pulp Video  (Italy)
Status: New
Area: 2
Standard: PAL
Ratio: 4/3 - 1.33:1
Audio: Italian (5.1), English (2.0)
Subtitles: Italian
Duration: 90
Rating: 18
Discs: 1
Case: Amaray
Ilsa : harem keeper of the oil sheiks -  Film synopsis: Dyanne Thorne returns as Ilsa, now more vicious and brutal than ever! As the harem keeper for a depraved sheik, Ilsa and her lethal lesbian guards run the most sadistic slavery ring in the Middle East. But when an American diplomat threatens to expose the perverse secrets of Ilsa's domain, she ignites a holy war of sexual violence and savage revolt!

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